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  René Manzor

He Whose Name is no more

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Dawn breaks over London. A man’s body lies on a table - minus its internal organs. The murderer is an old lady with a spotless reputation. What could have led her to kill a man she raised as her own son ? It makes no sense - and yet everything points to her as the culprit.

The next day, the same thing happens again : a man is killed in a similar fashion by the person who loves him more than anyone else. And so it goes on, with a new victim every twenty-four hours. All the murders are linked by a common thread : disoriented suspects and epitaphs in letters of blood : "May these sacrifices bring peace to the soul of He whose Name is no more".

Amid these inexplicable murders, three destinies become interwoven. McKenna is an Irishman : a veteran detective with Scotland Yard, father of four boys, widowed a year ago and still grief-stricken. Dahlia Rhymes is an American criminologist who specializes in ritual and satanic murders, assigned to fathom out what makes these killers tick. Nils Blake is a semi-retired barrister who is willing to return to court to defend these unlikely perpetrators. Three destinies - and three lives irreversibly changed.

The tale is packed with breath-taking suspense, larger-than-life characters and a completely unexpected final twist. On the borderline between love and death, this thriller will leave its mark on you.

Born with an urge to tell stories, René Manzor originally pursued his passion in cinema ("3615 Code Père Noël", "Dédales"). His first two features caught the attention of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas who asked him to direct episodes of their saga "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles". René Manzor’s first novel, LES ÂMES RIVALES (‘Rival Souls’), was published in 2012 and ranked #3 on Amazon.fr’s bestseller list.

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