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  René Manzor

Rival Souls

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The ultimate duel between two rival souls in pursuit of the same woman

Louisiana, 1975. In a dark church, a little girl begs a priest for help : a strange man who claims to be her friend has been following her. But she is the only one who can see him and no one believes her ! Her name is Cassandre and she is terrified, but the priest is at a loss for words. The little girl runs away. Ten years later, in New York City, when Cassandre falls madly in love her past catches up with her : the phantom that has haunted her since childhood will never accept the existence of a rival...

Born with a passion for storytelling, René Manzor started out in the cinema and television. After making two films in France, he was spotted by Steven Spielberg’s producer who invited him to Los Angeles, where George Lucas hired him to make two episodes of the prestigious The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles series. His Hollywood career was off to a start and he would stay there for ten years. This novel, which René has been working on for over two years, reveals a lively writing style that possesses great sensitivity and a mysterious universe. Emotion and thrills guaranteed.

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